A discussion about the deaths caused by air bags in cars

You want the vehicle you purchase to last you for many years, with minimal problems. There is no worse feeling than spending hours of your time and thousands of dollars working to fix a car that is malfunctioning through no fault of your own.

A discussion about the deaths caused by air bags in cars

Airbags associated with increased probability of death in accidents, study finds June 2, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA estimates that airbags installed in automobiles have saved some 10, lives as of January A just-released study by a statistician at the University of Georgia, however, casts doubt on that assertion.

Meyer, a new analysis of existing data indicates that, controlling for other factors, airbags are actually associated with slightly increased probability of death in accidents.

A discussion about the deaths caused by air bags in cars

But is it reasonable to conclude that airbags cause death only at very low speeds? It seems more likely that they also cause deaths at high speeds, but these are attributed to the crash.

The new analysis directly contradicts earlier studies about the effectiveness of airbags, which have been required for drivers and front-seat passengers in all cars since the model year in the United States.

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While the value of airbags seems dubious in the new study, the value of seatbelts is not. The analysis found that proper use of a seatbelt reduces the odds of death by 67 percent for any given speed category and airbag availability.

Airbags, however, cause no statistical difference in car-crash deaths, except for unseatbelted occupants at low speeds, where the odds of death are estimated to be more than four times higher with an airbag than without. It has been known for some time that airbags pose special risks to children and small women.

Auto manuals routinely say young children, especially those in car seats, should not be put in front seats where they might be injured or killed by an inflating airbag. The reason earlier studies have found that airbags save lives is that they used only a special subset of the available data, said Meyer.

However, if we limit the dataset to include only collisions in which a fatality occurred, we get a significantly reduced risk of death due to airbags. However, radiation is inherently dangerous and could actually cause cancer. If you give everyone radiation treatments, whether they have cancer or not, you will probably find an increased risk of death in the general population.

Overall, there will be more deaths if everyone is given radiation, but in the cancer subset, radiation will be effective. The correct analysis is important to obtain now, because in only a few years, there will be virtually no cars on the road without airbags.Autoblog brings you automotive news; expert reviews of cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs; and pictures and video.

Research and compare vehicles, find local dealers, calculate loan payments, find. Jan 23,  · The latest death occurred when the airbag in a Ford Ranger pickup driven by a Georgia man ruptured violently in South Carolina, Mr. Trowbridge said.


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