An analysis of spotted horses vs mule in the yard

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An analysis of spotted horses vs mule in the yard

Contact Author Source Exotic animal attacks are highly sensationalized and are often immediately reported upon their occurrence.

An analysis of spotted horses vs mule in the yard

Often, the same handfuls of 'mad exotic pet ownership gone wrong' stories are repeatedly brought up by people who oppose the exotic pet trade, despite rarity of these incidences.

How to Assess 'Dangerous' Qualities About this list: In general, animals pose the biggest threat to their owners for obvious reasons, while cases where animals escape and attack a member of the uninvolved public are rare or non-existent with many species currently.

I do not judge animals based on capability to cause harm like many law makers and news reporters do, I categorize based on whether or not these animals actually have attacked, killed, or severely maimed people relative to their numbers in captivity and how these animals are general kept fully or partially enclosed?

1 Crocodile Monitor

It should be understood that based on the objective statistics, incidences of exotic animal attacks are very uncommon, occurring approximately 10 times a year with all exotic animal species lumped together.

General bites are not often considered news-worthy for most pet species. Consider also that a significant portion of dogs are far too small to severely attack humans.

Dog attack scenarios also seem to involve members of the public and their pets more often. Crocodile Monitor Sometimes extremely large and carnivorous reptiles are purchased by general 'herp' enthusiasts, and this is a major issue because these lizards are nothing like owning a bearded dragon.

This massive monitor grows to feet in captivity and requires large caging that most private keepers can't or won't provide you will often see large reptiles inappropriately kept in smaller caging than recommended.

Their temperament varies by individual, but bites are always a possibility with these generally high strung animals and can result in finger amputations and deep tissue wounds, even with juvenile animals, due to their uniquely serrated teeth and strong jaws. Monitors also have saliva that is densely populated with bacteria that will cause severe infectious reactions such as inducing shock here's one hobbyist's account of a bite from a small crocodile monitor similarly to komodo dragons.

Although no one has been directly killed by crocodile monitors and other large similar lizards, their bites can potentially be deadly if not treated. One of these rare examples was featured on Animal Planet's Fatal Attractions, where reptile keeper Ron Huff was likely bitten and succumbed to infection that he didn't seek treatment for.

Unfortunately, this story was absurdly presented by the program, and it was insinuated that the animals actually ate their keeper before he died from their bite. Alligators An alligator as a pet?

That thing will eat you! Fatalities from alligator attacks are very rare, and indeed, all of the deaths that have occurred are from wild animals.

Spotted Horses Summary -

The reason is obvious; it's far easier to be surprise attacked by a wild camouflaged alligator than one in a clear small pool in captivity. Also, alligators do not chase people.

Alligators may attack defensively but mostly do not view humans as prey. So it should be removed from your mind that they will sneak into your house and eat your children. At the time of this writing, there hasn't even been a single fatal attack by an alligator in the U.

In there have been around 10 fatalities, again, by wild animals. People who oppose exotic animals in captivity love for the public to ignore things like this. But as one should expect, owning an alligator and obviously, a crocodile, which isn't as commonwhile not likely to be a fatal endeavor as long as you don't do anything monumentally stupid, can be quite dangerous because the handler is at risk of getting is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

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-A mule is accidentally loose and rampages through the yard while Mrs.

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Hait, old Het, and Snopes attempt to chase it down. -When Mrs. Hait and Mr. Snopes, the mule seller, fail to capture the mule, it knocks a lamp into the cellar and runs off, ultimately resulting in .

An analysis of spotted horses vs mule in the yard

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