An analysis of the seven parts in the seventh chapter of christ and reconciliation

The Supremacy of Christ: A Study of Colossians 1: First, Christ is the image of the invisible God.

An analysis of the seven parts in the seventh chapter of christ and reconciliation

However, this introduction is not indicating that John is now having a vision of things which take place after all those events in the preceding chapters, rather, he is introducing a vision.

The book of Revelation is in the order which the visions were given John, but they are not to be interpreted as a total chronological narrative going from chapter 1 to The book of Revelation is not of chronological events, else we would have interpretive confusion.

Obviously these events do not occur in strict Chronological order. But the vision of the 7 seals are opened chronologically, and this chapter is a visionary interlude which shows what must happen before the events of the last seal.

It is to illustrate that all Israel must be sealed before the judgments of the messengers in the opening of the 7th seal. The number four [2] in scripture signifies "universality. They are standing on the four corners of the earth, signifying that they are all over the world.

They stand in the north, south, east, and west, the four points of the compass, and they hold back this coming judgment of God.

Wind or breath in scripture is often symbolic of the spirit. In fact the very word spirit means a current of air windand often from the mouth, as breath.

It is synonymous with the unseen life, which is the spirit. Just as you can feel the wind, but cannot see it, so is the Spirit. This is seen from the beginning Gen. The breath signifies the life or the spirit of man. In other words, this spirit or wind is a worldwide judgment of evil that is held back that it not come upon the earth until certain criteria are met.

We will see in later verses that this criteria is that all the Israel of God must be sealed first. Then, and only then can this great tribulation period occur where evil rules worldwide. It is Satan who is the ruler of the power of the air, which will one day blow on the earth and hurt it.

An analysis of the seven parts in the seventh chapter of christ and reconciliation

The ruler of this power of the air is the spirit of Satan. And this wind is not allowed to blow on the earth to hurt it because these universal or world wide 4 messengers, are commanded of God that they cannot hurt until all Israel is sealed. Keeping in mind Revelation is cryptic, and yet an apocalyptic book, the earth, sea, and trees, are images used to symbolize the peoples of the world.

This is neither unusual nor uncommon. We very often see these same words used throughout scripture in these symbolic terms. As an example, the earth is very literally, man!

Man is made of earth, he is from the earth, and he is earth. The earth represents the world, and man, he who grows out of it. Like a tree growing out of the earth, or of wheat, or tares, etc. Man is equated with being of, and from, and of being earth.

As is the earthy, such are they also that are earthy: The sea also is often used in symbolic terms to represent the world.

An analysis of the seven parts in the seventh chapter of christ and reconciliation

As when Jesus said, I will make you fishers of men [3]signifying that the sea was the world, and men were fish, pulled out of it? God is speaking of reprobate men, and using cryptic symbolic language saying that they are carried about "by the wind," and that they are "waves of the sea. Likewise, the symbolism of men "as trees" whose fruit withereth, all the exact same illustrations as seen in Revelation, of the wind, the sea, and the trees.

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Trees are symbolic of men growing in the earth world. And his heart was moved, and the heart of his people, as the trees of the wood are moved with the wind. And we should also not overlook the significance of the implicit reference to creation in these images.

The earth, sea and trees are some of the first things God speaks about in creation Genesis 1: And as we go through Revelation we see that when this earth, sea, and trees, are hurt by this wind, it is a de-creation of sorts.

A destroying of life by the spirit of Satan, as he moves over the face of the sea. As God devided light from darkness, his attempt is to mix light with darkness. He gathers the nations from the four corners of the world to make the earth void and dark again in his assault on the Church.An analysis of Revelation 17's seven kings.

Addresses various interpretations, past and present, and endeavors to narrow the possibilities down to one. historicists have identified the beast from the bottomless pit in chapter 11 as being France during its Revolution, while the beast from the bottomless pit of chapter 17 has been identified.

Reconciliation/Penance: the sacrament of spiritual healing in which, through certain acts of the penitent and by the absolution of a qualified priest, sins committed after baptism are remitted and fellowship with God is restored.

For example, Revelation chapter 12 speaks of Christ's birth, yet five chapters before, in Revelation 7, we read of all the tribes of Israel's being sealed, and Revelation 5 speaks of the Root of David (Christ) having prevailed to loose the seals of the book.

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CHAPTER XI ANALYSIS OF THE CHAPTER THIS chapter, which is very improperly separated from the preceding, and improperly ended--for it should have been closed at ver. consists (excluding the last verse, which properly belongs to the succeeding chapter) essentially of three parts: I.

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