An introduction to the things that can affect your health

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An introduction to the things that can affect your health

Cachot, MD, described successful use of a coffee enema to treat a child dying from an accidental poisoning. Articles from the late s reported that coffee enemas were helpful in post-operative care; at a medical meeting inDr. Mayo, one of the founders of the Mayo Clinic, mentioned coffee enemas as a routine part of care for patients after abdominal surgery.

He elaborated on his extensive experience with coffee enemas in post-operative management and made a plea for their continued use. If you decide to do coffee enemas, be sure to read the first part of the procedure entitled Safety First. Thinking first about safety applies to any health procedure.

Technically, a coffee enema may be described as: This means that one implants or applies the coffee herb into the colon. The procedure is to retain the coffee mixture for 15 minutes, or perhaps longer. Retaining the coffee solution is necessary for its proper absorption and effects.

A form of dialysis. Dialysis, in this context, means a forced or artificial method to enhance detoxification. A form of hydrotherapy.

An introduction to the things that can affect your health

This means the therapeutic use of water for healing the body in some way. In this case, water is used to wash out the colon and deliver a coffee solution to the body through the rectum.

Its effect is very different from drinking coffee, as explained later in this article. We live in a toxic world. According the United States Environmental Protection Agency, toxic chemicals and toxic metals constitute a great threat to our health.

Never in modern history has our planet been as polluted as it is today. In addition, other toxic metals commonly found to some degree in our food, air and water include uranium, beryllium, bismuth, antimony, zirconium, tin and others. In addition, the earth is contaminated with over 50, toxic chemicals, with more produced every day!

For example, the laws of most nations permit the addition of over chemicals into our food.

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Pesticides and herbicides are another group of toxic chemicals that are found in our water supplies and in many foods. The widespread and often overuse of medical prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs adds over a thousand more toxic chemicals to our bodies, especially in the Western world.

These include surgical anesthetics, vaccine preservatives, stray viruses, and hundreds of other poisons used routinely today in the medical profession. The common use of recreational drugs such as cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana which contains some cadmiumand others just adds more toxicity to our already-burdened bodies.

Drug residues often remain in the body for decades. We know this because our clients eliminate residues of them while following a development program. Some clients report tasting, smelling, and experiencing the effects of these drugs many years after taking them. The cumulative and combined effects of this toxic assault on our bodies has not been studied sufficiently.

Indeed, it is difficult to study properly. However, the presence in the body of these chemicals is associated with ALL major diseases of the 21st century.

To say that this is the century of toxicity is no exaggeration. The coffee enema is one of the best methods to cope with this problem.COFFEE ENEMAS. Chapter 1. INTRODUCTION “Coffee enemas have long been in use.

In a case report in the Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal in December , M.A. Cachot, MD, described successful use of a coffee enema to treat a child dying from an accidental poisoning.

The World's Healthiest Foods are health-promoting foods that can change your life. How to Eat Healthier in Try our exciting new WHFoods Meal Plan. Introduction. Magnesium, an abundant mineral in the body, is naturally present in many foods, added to other food products, available as a dietary supplement, and present in some medicines (such as antacids and laxatives).

This paper, coauthored with James S. Simkin in , was the Gestalt Therapy chapter in the edition of Corsini and Wedding's Current Psychotherapies (4th Edition). It appears here with the kind permission of the publisher, F.E. Peacock, Publishers, Inc.

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