Catherine the great term paper

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Catherine the great term paper

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Homer December 2, One of the most interesting, hard-working and powerful people to grace the pages of history during the eighteenth century was Catherine II, Empress of Russia. Historians have not always been so kind to her memory, and all too often one reads accounts of her private life, ignoring her many achievements.

Her father, Prince Christian Augustus of Anhalt-Zerbst, was a high-ranking officer in the Prussian Army and a minor prince among the principalities in Germany. He married the much younger Princess Johanna of Holstein-Gottorp.

However the Prince died of small pox, leaving Elizabeth heart-broken. Peter, who eventually became Tsar Peter III, was the only surviving male descendent and the potentially heir to the throne of Russia after his father died.

Catherine the great term paper

In NovemberElizabeth seized the throne with the help of the Imperial Guards, and formally declared her nephew Peter heir to the throne. Peter was now 14 years old, and it was time for him to find a bride.

The Empress Elizabeth seemed to have taken an instant liking to Sophie at an early age. Sophie began to learn the Russian language and studied the Orthodox religion, which of course pleased the Empress. On June 28, Sophie was received into the Church in a great ceremony, and as a result changed her name to Catherine.

Catherine was now the second highest-ranking lady in the country. Shortly after, Peter obtained measles, which started to show all the symptoms of small pox. Catherine found him to be a most pitiful creature, and it was with dismay that she looked towards her wedding day.

The royal court was back in St. Petersburg, and after several postponements, the wedding took place on August 21, in the Cathedral of Kazan. It was at this time that Catherine, who had never felt more isolated, wrote: But in the first days of my marriage, I made some cruel reflections about him.

I said to myself: If you love this man, you will be the most wretched creature on Earth. Watch your step, so far as affection for this gentleman is concerned, think of yourself, Madame.

Catherine was disappointed with her marriage, but decided to stick it out and concentrate on building herself a powerful group of allies.A 5 page research paper that discusses the radical changes that Peter the Great instigated in Russia in the eighteenth century.

The writer describes how Peter's goal . The incidence of catherine the great term paper involuntary part-time work surged during the Great structural elements essay Recession and has stayed unusually high during the recovery.

Whether you are writing a help me with my college essay college paper or . Catherine the Great’s name wasn’t Catherine, and she wasn’t even Russian.

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Excerpt from Term Paper: Catherine the Great vs. Elizabeth I Elizabeth I of England and Catherine II or Catherine the Great of Russia were both of noble birth. Catherine The Great "Women fell under her spell as well as men, for underlying her engaging femininity was a masculine strength which gave her the courage to present a bland and smiling mask in the face of the greatest tribulations.".

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