Eco5poe practice final answers

Refer to the exhibit. R1 is configured for NAT as displayed.

Eco5poe practice final answers

If the IP addresses of the default gateway router and the DNS server are correct, what is the configuration problem? The IP address of the default gateway router is not contained in the excluded address list.

Eco5poe practice final answers

The default-router and dns-server commands need to be configured with subnet masks. The administrator tries to ping a server on the Internet from PC-A and collects the debugs that are shown in the exhibit.

Based on this output, what is most likely the cause of the problem? The NAT source access list matches the wrong address range. The inside global address is not on the same subnet as the ISP. The inside and outside NAT interfaces have been configured backwards.

Refer to the exhibit. A PC at address What is the most likely cause of the problem? The wrong netmask was used on the NAT pool. Access-list 1 has not been configured properly. The inside and outside interfaces have been configured backwards. What is a disadvantage when both sides of a communication use PAT?

Host IPv4 addressing is complicated. End-to-end IPv4 traceability is lost. The flexibility of connections to the Internet is reduced. The security of the communication is negatively impacted. A small company has a web server in the office that is accessible from the Internet.

The IP address The network administrator is configuring the router so that external clients can access the web server over the Internet.

Which item is required in the NAT configuration? A network administrator has just configured address translation and is verifying the configuration. What three things can the administrator verify? Three addresses from the NAT pool are being used by hosts.

The name of the NAT pool is refCount. A standard access list numbered 1 was used as part of the configuration process. Two types of NAT are enabled. One port on the router is not participating in the address translation. Which two pieces of information are required when creating a standard access control list?Cisco CCNA Exam Answers , CCNA 1 v Introduction to Networking CCNA 2 Routing Switching Essentials CCNA 3 Scaling Networks CCNA 4 Connecting Networks.

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