Hardware and software selection

Women are from Venus. Computers are from hell. More recent developments in paper-based technology include improved 'write-once' update devices which use tiny rolling heads similar to mouse balls to deposit colored pigment. All these devices require an operator skilled at so-called 'handwriting' technique.

Hardware and software selection

SurvCE is available in more than two dozen languages.

Hardware and Software Acquisition Process – Purchasing | The University of Alabama

Major New Features and Improvements: The process has been streamlined for ease of use. SurvCE now offers an advanced total station search icon to allow selection of search type from inside of any live survey screen.

GNSS Analysis has been updated to the version. SurvCE now supports a laser pointer icon in all live survey screens for any total station with a laser pointer. SurvCE now includes Snap options inside of store points to facilitate drawing in the field as part of the survey process.

An UNDO option has also been included. A new status icon will now show the status of the instrument connection from all screens. SurvCE now supports obstructed view stakeout mode.

SurvCE now displays a red tolerance bar to indicate that a measurement is currently outside of a user defined tolerance. SurvCE now supports an automatic backsight check in the joystick screen.

Auto by Interval when level now stores the most level reading which was recorded during the required level tolerance period.

Hardware and software selection

SurvCE now supports continuous reflectorless measurement for total stations which support the feature. SurvCE now offers the ability to demo the roading module on an already registered copy of the software.

SurvCE now supports a two-prism pole in the 2-Point offset routine.

Hardware and software selection

Graphical Stakeout Interface based on motion. Two-step stakeout procedure for navigation and proximity provide a new and original stakeout method that increases productivity and ease-of-use. The new guidance symbols combine well with the e-bubble and other sensor icons to provide intuitive real time information that takes the operator to the point quickly and accurately.

Allows user to preconfigure rod heights and targets and switch between them intuitively and easily from all live survey screens.

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New GNSS mission planning feature computes satellite availability, this includes: Graphics for number of satellites and DOP curves b.

User defined list for obstructions masking. New features perform accurate and reliable measurements by reducing and compensating for errors due to vertical positioning of the pole.A smart approach to technology solutions.

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