How does steinbeck prepare you or the idea that the death of curley s wife is inevitable

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How does steinbeck prepare you or the idea that the death of curley s wife is inevitable

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John Steinbeck John Steinbeck John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California in Although his family was wealthy, he was interested in the lives of the farm labourers and spent time working with them.

He used his experiences as material for his writing. He wrote a number of novels about poor people who worked on the land and dreamed of a better life, including The Grapes of Wrath, which is the heartrending story of a family's struggle to escape the dust bowl of the West to reach California.

Steinbeck was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature insix years before his death in The Depression On Octobermillions of dollars were wiped out in an event that became known as the Wall Street Crash. It led to the Depression in America which crippled the country from People lost their life savings when firms and banks went bust, and million men and women - one third of America's population - were unemployed.

There was then no dole to fall back on, so food was short and the unemployed in cities couldn't pay their rent.

Some ended up in settlements called 'Hoovervilles' after the US president of the time, Herbert C Hooverin shanties made from old packing cases and corrugated iron. A series of droughts in southern mid-western states like Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas led to failed harvests and dried-up land.

Farmers were forced to move off their land: Many economic migrants headed west to 'Golden' California, thinking there would be land going spare, but the Californians turned many back, fearing they would be over-run. The refuges had nowhere to go back to, so they set up home in huge camps in the California valleys - living in shacks of cardboard and old metal - and sought work as casual farmhands.

Ranch hands Against this background, ranch hands like George and Lennie were lucky to have work. Ranch hands were grateful for at least a bunk-house to live in and to have food provided, even though the pay was low. The story is told in the third person, so we are provided with a clear, unbiased view of all the characters.

Chapter 1 George and Lennie camp in the brush by a pool, the night before starting new jobs as ranch hands. George finds Lennie stroking a dead mouse in his pocket. He complains that caring for Lennie prevents him from living a freer life.

We find out that Lennie's innocent petting of a girl's dress led to them losing their last jobs in Weed. However, when they talk about their dream of getting a piece of land together, we know they really depend on each other.

Chapter 2 When they arrive at the ranch in the morning, George and Lennie are shown around by old Candy. They meet their boss and, later, his son, Curley - George is suspicious of Curley's manner and warns Lennie to stay away from him.

How does steinbeck prepare you or the idea that the death of curley s wife is inevitable

Chapter 3 Later that evening, George tells Slim about why he and Lennie travel together and more about what happened in Weed. The men talk about Candy's ancient dog, which is tired and ill.Despite Steinbeck’s rendering, Curley’s wife emerges as a relatively complex and interesting character.

Although her purpose is rather simple in the novel’s opening pages—she is the “tramp,” “tart,” and “bitch” that threatens to destroy male happiness and longevity—her appearances later . In pairs: one student has to find evidence to support the claim that Curley’s wife is a trouble maker who does not deserve our sympathy and the other has to find evidence to support the claim the Curley’s wife is a lonely, misunderstood woman who does deserve our sympathy.

Eng - a Few Good Men. An Analysis of a Few Good Men Ashford Student ENG Janelle Jalbert April 25, An Analysis of A Few Good Men This essay paper explores the ideas and concepts of rationality of the movie A Few Good will show you how different segments and scenes throughout the movie illustrate rational thinking among the major characters played and what actions they took to.

Also foreshadows the future death of Lennie – it is kinder to kill someone who is of no use and a danger to themselves and others. p. Lennie kills Curley’s wife.

How does steinbeck prepare you or the idea that the death of curley s wife is inevitable

Dramatic moment which leads to the tragic ending. p.

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George shoots Lennie, after telling the story of their dream ranch for one last time. How does Steinbeck prepare you for the idea that the death of Curley s wife is inevitable? How does Steinbeck show that Lennie is always getting into serious trouble? TOP TEN QUOTES Use the grids below to find top 10 quotes on characters and themes.

Choose from: George, Lennie, Curley s Wife, Curley and Slim, Candy and Crooks and Loneliness. Curley's Wife's death was foreshadowed by Lennie's reputation as a troublemaker, his own death was foreshadowed through relationships between characters and the use of contrast, and the way he was killed was shown through Candy's dog's death.

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