James k baxter

In his short life he produced a huge number of poems, as well as plays, literary criticism, and social and religious commentary. A hugely influential figure, Baxter was as well known for his life as for his writing.

James k baxter

His brother, Terence, had been born in Neither Archie nor Millicent had religious affiliations and their sons were unchristened. Their contrasting backgrounds also influenced his development.

Whereas Archie was a quiet, self-educated man, whose ancestors had been small farmers in the Scottish highlands, Millicent was the strong-minded elder daughter of noted Canterbury College professor John Macmillan Brown.

Archie had been a conscientious objector during the First World War. She shocked her father when she chose to marry Archie Baxter and live on his humble farm. The failure of this mismatch was widely predicted, but the relationship was enduring and highly successful.

In the family moved to Brighton, and he attended the local primary school. On his first day he burnt his hand on a stove, an incident that came to symbolise his enduring dislike of systematic education.

This sense of difference gave impetus to his writing. The following year the family travelled to Europe and the boys boarded at another Quaker school, Sibford, in the English Cotswolds.

Towards the end of the family returned to New Zealand and settled back in Brighton. He articulated this confusion in his poems, which he was writing at the rate of four or five a week. This was not a good period for pacifists: Between and he would draft some poems.

An able although unmotivated student, Baxter matriculated a year earlier than usual, with unspectacular results. Poetry merited greater application and he was inspired by contemporary poets such as W.

At 18 he was of average height and build, with straight brown hair and an aquiline nose.

James k baxter

His poetry, however, was successful: A second collection, Cold springremained unpublished until From to Baxter worked in factories and on farms. Part of this period is fictionalised in his posthumous novel Horse His struggle with alcoholism earned him a reputation as something of a wild man and his bouts of drinking probably played a part in the failure of his first significant love affair, with a young medical student.

In he met Jacqueline Cecilia Sturm; she was also a student, and one of few Maori then studying for a degree. In late Baxter moved to Christchurch, ostensibly to renew his university studies, but actually to visit a Jungian psychologist.

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As a result, he began incorporating Jungian symbolism into his poetic theory and practice. He made sporadic appearances at lectures and held short-term jobs as a porter at a sanatorium, copyholder for the Christchurch Pressand freezing worker.

The publication, inof his second collection, Blow, wind of fruitfulnessconfirmed him as the pre-eminent poet of his generation. Baxter had been increasingly interested in religion since the s; this culminated in baptism as an Anglican in November The following month, on 9 December and despite considerable parental concernhe and Jacquie were married in the Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Napier.

They moved to Wellington, where Baxter initially worked at the Ngauranga abattoir. A daughter, Hilary, was born in Both James and Jacquie had recommenced studying: Baxter made stimulating new literary friendships, and became identified with a group of writers that included W.

Oliver, Alistair Campbell and Louis Johnson. That May he enthralled a Christchurch conference of New Zealand writers with a lecture, subsequently published, on Recent trends in New Zealand poetry. The next year,was celebrated for the birth of a son, John, and the publication of a selection of poems in a collaborative volume, Poems unpleasant.

In he was appointed assistant master at Epuni School, Lower Hutt. Also inhe gave three lectures on poetry at Victoria University College.Question: Comment on the way the relationship between individuals and the natural world is presented in Farmhand. The relationship between individuals and the natural world is presented quite extravagantly in the poem Farmhand composed by James K.

Baxter. James K Baxter - poet, author, friend. likes. James K Baxter is still, nearly 45 years after his death, New Zealand's best known & most highly.

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James k baxter

1 poems of James K Baxter. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee. James K. Baxter was a dramatist, a literary critic, a social commentator, and the preeminent New Zealand poet of his generation. He published several poetry collections, including Beyond the Palisade ; Blow, Wind of Fruitfulness ; and In Fires of No Return.5/5(1).

James K. Baxter is one of New Zealand’s most celebrated poets. Born in Dunedin, Baxter started writing poetry at an early age; his first collection of poetry, Beyond the Palisade (), was critically acclaimed although he was just 17 years old and a student at.

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