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People tend to be careful with banking details and credit card information, but this is not the only data that online criminals are trying to steal from you. It is the tip of the iceberg, and criminals targeting you online take a special interest in what you publish on the internet. Social media is perfect place for criminals to learn more about you, and how to steal your identity, blackmail you, rob your home, or even worse.

Learn more about social networks

Download PDF Introduction As a recruiter, you want to find the most qualified, talented, Learn more about social networks largest pool of applicants. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have over 1. That equates to a lot of potential talent for your company. As more and more people join social networks and leverage them for job searching, social recruiting is becoming an imperative for companies.

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Recruiters at companies large and small are leveraging social networks, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, to attract potential job candidates.

But what are some of the other benefits of social recruiting? And how do you get started?

Learn more about social networks

Benefits Build Your Employment Brand Social media is a mechanism for conveying your company culture to potential recruits and attracting new staff. You can brand your social media channels, post photos, and host videos. Customers and job seekers should be encouraged to participate in discussions, and employees should promptly address questions and comments.

The use of social media allows potential recruits to get a feel for what the company is like before they apply or join. By encouraging potential recruits to get to know the company culture before accepting a position, you ensure the candidate is the right fit for the company. Reach Passive Candidates Many people that are not currently looking for a job are still using social networks.

But some of these professionals may be a great fit for the role you are looking to fill, and might be tempted to apply if they knew you had a vacancy. Even if many of these passive candidates have no current interest, you can begin building relationships before they decide to look for a new job.

Are You Overexposing Yourself on Social Media Networks?

By using social media, you can greatly expand your talent pool by getting your jobs in front of passive candidates. Supplement Your Employee Referral Program Employee referral programs are a highly effective recruiting tool.

In fact, studies from the Society for Human Resource Management SHRM reveal that more than 80 percent of organizations rank these programs as the number one source of high-quality hires. Educate your employees and managers on how to use social networks for professional purposes and encourage them to get involved.

Employees can then post open requisitions to their own social networks. They can also post relevant industry news that may interest potential candidates.

Learn More about the Background of Candidates A recruiter can understand a great deal about a person by evaluating their LinkedIn profile.

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For example, a LinkedIn member will usually include a resume of past and current jobs. You can see recommendations from peers, managers and colleagues, as well as what groups the person has joined.

You can also determine if you have any second or third degree connections, so you can get a more personal referral. However, be careful not to expose your organization to potential legal risks. Information that candidates post on social networks such as religious or sexual preference could be argued as used against them in the screening process.

To avoid the risk of civil rights lawsuits or OFCCP violations, you can use applicant tracking software. Robust applicant tracking systems allow recruiters to tap into the power of social networks while tracking the parameters considered relevant by the OFCCP.

Users can request EEO information from every applicant and accurately capture reasons for non-election for every applicant. Lower Recruitment Costs Accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all free to set up, so one advantage of social media is its potential to lower recruitment costs.But we didn’t have the quantifiable data that it was the social networks, the integrated efforts of multiple local forces acting in concert, that made the difference.

We couldn’t always persuade them that forming those connections was the right place to start and the best way to maximize results.

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As more and more people join social networks and leverage them for job searching, social recruiting is becoming an imperative for companies. Recruiters at companies large and small are leveraging social networks, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, to attract potential job candidates.

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While these social networks may not be in the top 15 (or even used in the U.S.) here are 10 more social media sites you should probably be aware of: GroupMe The free service enables users to chat one-on-one or as a part of a group message.

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