Mgt 445 final exam

MBA after hotel management? Which specialization will be best suitable for me? You possibly can decide on virtually any MBA program soon after finishing your graduation.

Mgt 445 final exam

Which of the following is true about the server virtualization Hypervisor? Virtualization can only exist in one location b. Virtualization can only access local disk storage c. Virtualization cluster can use different type and brand of processors d.

Virtualization is useful for the software testing purposes, e.

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Which of the following is true about Cloud Computing? It is best for a small startup company b. It is best for security sensitive information, e. It is best for a company cannot afford to lose the information, e.

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It is best for a company is in a remote area and it cannot obtain a reliable Internet connection 3. Which of the following is NOT an example of the business continuity?

Power outage for 3 hours b. Chief Financial Officer involves an auto accident and cannot come to work for 3 days c. A terrorist attack d.

Mgt 445 final exam

Which of the following is NOT a consideration of a backup strategy? How much time do you have? What is your network backbone speed?

How many monitor do you have? What time to start the backup? Comparing the difference between backup to disk and tape. What is one reason the tape is preferred?

Tape is much faster b. Tape is much more expensive c.

Mgt 445 final exam

Tape is water proof d. Tape can be transport out of site for DR purpose 6. Which of the following is true about the SAN Snapshot?MGT Final Exam Rated A+.

NR Final Exam Study Guide: Chapters , , , , NR Final Exam Possible Questions A-Z. ETH N Week 6 CASE STUDY ANALYSIS | Correct Answers.

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1) If you select a physician solely on the reputation of the physician, you are basing your decision of which of the following dimensions of service quality? A. Service reliability.

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