Nursing student reflective essays

Leadership in nursing - nursing essay help Introduction Leadership in nursing requires nurture and development which is fading in recent times. Having all-round nursing professionals has become a global challenge owing to resilience of available nurses to take responsibilities. The nursing profession today faces a major challenge in developing future nurse leaders Mahoney, All nurses require strong leadership skills to live up to various tasks ahead of them.

Nursing student reflective essays

Most patients there are cancer patients and are immunosuppressed, hence hand hygiene, and personal protective equipment PPE such as gloving and gowning are strictly followed before and after any procedure or interaction with a patient Kennedy, The RNs on the ward were all very caring and welcoming.

This benefits both the patient guest, as it isolates yourself and provides a clean room for the patient. At the same time, PPE benefits the guest as you are protected from any risk that is present in that room, such as infections and chemicals from Nursing student reflective essays medications Danekas et al.

The incident occurred when a certain family member visited her father in the ward. She just went in straight to the room. It will bring harm to the patient to be exposed to unwanted infections brought from outside. What does the sign say? The daughter finally gave up and did hand hygiene and PPE angrily.

The RN smirking, looking victorious went back to work. I was wondering if this happens all the time and is this how the RNs deal with it. The RN looked almost angry but she maintained her composure and sticked to do what is right and just.

The positive aspect of this experience is that I was able to observe how an RN keeps her cool even on a heated argument with a family member.

Nursing student reflective essays

As long as you are doing your job to do no harm to the patient, and you are within your nursing scope and are acting professional. On the other hand, the negative aspect is that I noticed other RNs are keeping their hands off this issue and just let the RN assigned to do her thing.

It might be a bad thing for me, but it was probably for the best as the daughter might have felt being ganged up on. But I was expecting the team leader to interrupt and take control of the incident. This experience enlightened me that anything can happen in the ward especially with family members and friends visiting the patient.

They might have a different point of view on what is happening to the patient and it is the job of the RN to reorient and explain to them what is right and what must be done.

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After observing this incident, I now have information on how to handle incidents such as this one in the near future. Also, if I happen to not handle a situation very well, I know that I should call the team leader or in charge to assist in reorienting and explaining to the family members and friends of the patient.

Reflective practice enhances public health nurse implementation of nurse-family partnership.

Nursing student reflective essays

Implementation of a safety program for handling hazardous drugs in a community hospital. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy A guide to teaching and learning methods.

A Guide to Nursing Students' Written Reflections for Students and Educators References Australian Nursing Council National competencies for the registered and enrolled nurse in recommended domains. Clayton G, Broome M and Ellis L Relationship between a preceptorship experience and role socialization of graduate nurses.
News & Events I wonder at how I have passed so far at all…with relief.

Handwashing and wearing masks, gloves, and gowns slow the spread of influenza and other respiratory viruses. December — Volume — Issue 12 — Family Centred Care—A way to connect patients, families and nurses in critical care: A qualitative study using telephone interviews.

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Reflection on a Significant Incident from Practice Introduction The intention of this written essay is to demonstrate an understanding of my views on the art and science of reflection and the issues surrounding reflective practice.

It is based on a significant incident from my own area of. Clinical practice, Journals, Nursing education, Reflective learning 1 Introduction Professional learning is a complex process consisting of cognitive, behavioral, relational and emotional aspects, in which Before introducing journal writing to students, it should .

A Guide to Nursing Students' Written Reflections for Students and Educators