Peyton place research paper

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Peyton place research paper

This was a PDF file that was sent to me by a coworker. I simply copied the text and placed it in this format, here on Loose Rounds, so it was easier to see. It is an executive summary of justification for law enforcement agencies on 9mm for duty carry.

If you have followed us here, you know I have been talking about numerous agencies switching back to 9mm over the last few years, as well as the FBI testing for their switch.

Great strides in bullet technology Peyton place research paper been made in the past decade and 9mm is on the top of its game.

With a select few rounds in 9mm, that have been tested for duty carry, 9mm is fast becoming one of the best options for duty carry. This goes into some detailed history of testing, common caliber myths and justification for 9mm use over other calibers.

The picture below has absolutely nothing to do with the content below. I put it in to give others a frame of reference, on the type of rounds being discussed below. Caliber, when considered alone, brings about a unique set of factors to consider such as magazine capacity for a given weapon size, ammunition availability, felt recoil, weight and cost.

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What is rarely discussed, but most relevant to the caliber debate is what projectile is being considered for use and its terminal performance potential. One should never debate on a gun make or caliber alone.

In each of the three most common law enforcement handgun calibers 9mm Luger. The choice of a service projectile must undergo intense scrutiny and scientific evaluation in order to select the best available option.

Studies simply involving shooting deaths are irrelevant since the goal of law enforcement is to stop a threat during a deadly force encounter as quickly as possible. Whether or not death occurs is of no consequence as long as the threat of death or serious injury to law enforcement personnel and innocent third parties is eliminated.

Handgun stopping power is simply a myth. In order to have a meaningful understanding of handgun terminal ballistics, one must only deal with facts that are not in dispute within the medical community, i. Medical Realities Shots to the Central Nervous System CNS at the level of the cervical spine neck or above, are the only means to reliably cause immediate incapacitation.

In this case, any of the calibers commonly used in law enforcement, regardless of expansion, would suffice for obvious reasons. Other than shots to the CNS, the most reliable means for affecting rapid incapacitation is by placing shots to large vital organs thus causing rapid blood loss.

Simply stated, shot placement is the most critical component to achieving either method of incapacitation. Wounding factors between rifle and handgun projectiles differ greatly due to the dramatic differences in velocity, which will be discussed in more detail herein. The wounding factors, in order of importance, are as follows: A projectile must penetrate deeply enough into the body to reach the large vital organs, namely heart, lungs, aorta, vena cava and to a lesser extent liver and spleen, in order to cause rapid blood loss.The study objective was to determine the effect of variable power applied to the atomizer of refillable tank based e-cigarette (EC) devices.

Five different devices were evaluated, each at four power levels. "The mind likes a strange idea as little as the body likes a strange protein and resists it with similar energy. It would not perhaps be too fanciful to say that a new idea is the most quickly acting antigen known to science.

Unethical human experimentation in the United States describes numerous experiments performed on human test subjects in the United States that have been considered unethical, and were often performed illegally, without the knowledge, consent, or informed consent of the test tests have occurred throughout American history, but particularly in the 20th century.

Peyton place research paper

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Feb 20,  · Research Paper Topics Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Peyton Place study guide and Metalious wrote or rather co-wrote a sequel to Peyton Place called Return to Peyton.

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