Reb box mystery essay

Stout was born in Noblesville, Indiana, inbut shortly afterwards his Quaker parents moved their family nine children in all to Kansas.

Reb box mystery essay

The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs A babysitter receives mysterious, threatening phone calls. Updated 3 October Published 29 March Claim A babysitter left alone in charge of sleeping children receives several mysterious, threatening phone calls.

Rating Legend About this rating Origin This tale, like several other adolescent horror legends, seemingly originated or at least was first collected in the early s: The children had been put to bed and the baby-sitter was watching the television when the phone rang.

However, he must have guessed what she was trying to do and he put the phone down. She fled from the house and ran straight into the arms of the police. He had entered the house through an upstairs window, murdered both the children and was just about to do the same to the poor baby-sitter.

In some versions the mysterious caller just laughs maniacally instead of making threatening statements. The number of murdered children one, two, or three varies.

Sometimes the girl sees the killer first, then runs from the house and summons the police herself. In an alternate humorous version in which the babysitter runs out of the house without first seeing the murderer the police discover one of the children upstairs has been making the threatening calls as a prank.

After the first girl learns from the operator that the calls are originating from the upstairs extension, she runs to the stairway to summon her friend.

Reb box mystery essay

As she approaches the stairway she hears a thumping sound coming from the stairs — the sound of the friend, her limbs severed, dragging herself down the stairway.

In some versions the mutilated friend warns the first babysitter that the children have all been murdered and urges her to flee the house. Its obvious features deal with the insecurity felt by adolescents as they are required to accept increasing responsibilities while making the transition to adulthood.

The plot of the movie When A Stranger Calls is based on this legend. In the film Urban Legendthe folklore professor regales his class with this legend. Sources Brunvand, Jan Harold. Tales, Rumors and Gossip. McClelland and Stewart, The Book of Nasty Legends.

Running Press Books, Healey, Phil and Rick Glanvill. Holt, David and Bill Mooney. Spiders in the Hairdo. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The Big Book of Urban, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.

According to the essay, On Susan Glaspell's Trifles, the author notes, "The strangling of Mr. Wright, which perplexes all when a gun was handy, is reminiscent of the strangling of that bird (1)." The third example of noticing the small things is the piecing of the quilt.

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Essays Related to Mystery. 1. Mystery Cults. Mystery cults are perhaps the greatest held secrets of the ancient world. Most of the practices of the mystery cults were done secretly. Many of the mystery cults were centered around a mother goddess. The mystery cults, however, were not a satisfactory answer for everyone.

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