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Rencontre eden

One early source claims that his surname was Drummond, but the lack of any supporting documentation makes this unlikely. Pirates habitually used fictitious surnames while engaged in piracy, so as not to tarnish the family name, and this makes it unlikely that Teach's real name will ever be known.

He could almost certainly read and write; he communicated with merchants and when killed had in his possession a letter addressed to him by the Chief Justice and Secretary of the Province of CarolinaTobias Knight. The author Robert Lee speculated that Teach may therefore have been born into a respectable, wealthy family.

Rencontre eden

The privateer-turned-pirate Henry Jennings and his followers decided, early in the 18th century, to use the uninhabited island of New Providence as a base for their operations; it was within easy reach of the Florida Strait and its busy shipping lanes, which were filled with European vessels crossing the Atlantic.

New Providence's harbour could easily accommodate hundreds of ships but was too shallow for the Royal Navy 's larger vessels to navigate. The author George Woodbury described New Providence as "no city of homes; it was a place of temporary sojourn and refreshment for a literally floating population," continuing, "The only permanent residents were the piratical camp followers, the traders, and the hangers-on; all others were transient.

Probably shortly after the signing of the Treaty of Utrechthe moved there from Jamaica, and, along with most privateers once involved in the war, became involved in piracy.

Possibly abouthe joined the crew of Captain Benjamin Hornigolda renowned pirate who operated from New Providence's safe waters. In Hornigold placed Teach in charge of a sloop he had taken as a prize. Teach and his quartermaster, William Howard, [nb 1] may at this time have struggled to control their crews.

In a report made by a Captain Mathew Munthe on an anti-piracy patrol for North Carolina, "Thatch" was described as operating "a sloop 6 gunns [ sic ] and about 70 men".

The pirates' flotilla now consisted of three ships; Teach on Revenge, Teach's old sloop and Hornigold's Ranger. By October, another vessel had been captured and added to the small fleet.

Whether Teach had any involvement in this decision is unknown, [16] but Hornigold quickly retired from piracy. He took Ranger and one of the sloops, leaving Teach with Revenge and the remaining sloop.

They each fired a broadside across its bulwarks, killing several of its crew, and forcing its captain to surrender. Teach and his crews sailed the vessel south along Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to Bequiawhere they disembarked her crew and cargo, and converted the ship for their own use.

Teach may have recruited some of their slaves, but the remainder were left on the island and were later recaptured by the returning crew of Mauvaise Rencontre. By this time Teach had placed his lieutenant Richards in command of Bonnet's Revenge. After a lengthy engagement, he forced the large and well-armed merchant ship to surrender.

He ordered her to move closer to the shore, disembarked her crew and emptied her cargo holds, and then burned and sank the vessel.

Her captain, Henry Bostock, and crew, remained Teach's prisoners for about eight hours, and were forced to watch as their sloop was ransacked. Bostock, who had been held aboard Queen Anne's Revenge, was returned unharmed to Margaret and was allowed to leave with his crew.

Bostock's deposition details Teach's command of two vessels: The captain believed that the larger ship carried valuable gold dust, silver plate, and "a very fine cup" supposedly taken from the commander of Great Allen.

Bostock also claimed that Teach had questioned him about the movements of local ships [nb 3]but also that he had seemed unsurprised when Bostock told him of an expected royal pardon from London for all pirates.

This Beard was black, which he suffered to grow of an extravagant Length; as to Breadth, it came up to his Eyes; he was accustomed to twist it with Ribbons, in small Tails, after the Manner of our Ramilies Wiggs, and turn them about his Ears Charles Johnson [28] Bostock's deposition describes Teach as a "tall spare man with a very black beard which he wore very long".

It is the first recorded account of Teach's appearance and is the source of his cognomen, Blackbeard. Johnson described him as "such a figure that imagination cannot form an idea of a fury from hell to look more frightful.

Rencontre eden

He wore knee-length boots and dark clothing, topped with a wide hat and sometimes a long coat of brightly coloured silk or velvet.

Johnson also described Teach in times of battle as wearing "a sling over his shoulders, with three brace of pistols, hanging in holsters like bandoliers; and stuck lighted matches Slow match under his hat", [28] [nb 4] the latter apparently to emphasise the fearsome appearance he wished to present to his enemies.

He and Bonnet were probably responsible for an attack off Sint Eustatius in December Although no confirmation exists that these two ships were controlled by Teach and Bonnet, author Angus Konstam believes it very likely they were.

She was stopped and her captain, Harriotinvited to join the pirates. Harriot and his crew accepted the invitation, and Teach sent over a crew to sail Adventure making Israel Hands the captain.

His fleet then sailed to Grand Cayman where they captured a "small turtler". They then sailed to the wrecks of the Spanish fleetoff the eastern coast of Florida. There Teach disembarked the crew of the captured Spanish sloop, before proceeding north to the port of Charles Town, South Carolina, attacking three vessels along the way.

All vessels entering or leaving the port were stopped, and as the town had no guard ship[43] its pilot boat was the first to be captured. Over the next five or six days about nine vessels were stopped and ransacked as they attempted to sail past Charles Town Barwhere Teach's fleet was anchored.

One such ship, headed for London with a group of prominent Charles Town citizens which included Samuel Wragg a member of the Council of the Province of Carolinawas the Crowley.

Her passengers were questioned about the vessels still in port and then locked below decks for about half a day. Teach informed the prisoners that his fleet required medical supplies from the colonial government of South Carolina, and that if none were forthcoming, all prisoners would be executed, their heads sent to the Governor and all captured ships burnt.

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