Short essay domestic animals

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Short essay domestic animals

Jump to navigation Jump to search A goat The domestic goat Capra hircus or Capra aegagrus hircus is a domesticated mammal. It comes from the wild goat.

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A male goat is called a buck and a castrated goat is called a whether, a female is called a doe. Young goats are called kids. People eat their meat, drink their milkand use their fur and skin.

With goat milk, cheese can be made, along with other dairy products. Some farmers use goats to eat plants the farmers do not want, called weeds.

Other times, the goats are used to keep grasses and other plants from getting too tall.

Short essay domestic animals

The domestic goat has cloven hoovesa long beard on its china short tail that turns up, and horns that grow up from the head in an arc. The hair is straight with a woolly coat under it during winter.

Goats have rectangular irises. They weigh from kg lb. The diet of the domestic goat includes eating grassleavesshrubsroot vegetablesand other kinds of plants.

Short essay domestic animals

Goats living in the desert, where plants are quite hard to find, have been seen climbing trees to get food. Domestic goats are smart and active. They enjoy playing and climbing.

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They are social animals that live in groups.The domestic goat has cloven hooves, a long beard on its chin, a short tail that turns up, and horns that grow up from the head in an arc. The hair is straight with a woolly coat under it during winter. Goats have rectangular irises. They are social animals that live in groups.

References. Bob Comis of Stony Brook Farm is a professional pig farmer—the good kind. Comis knows his pigs, loves his pigs, and treats his pigs with uncommon dignity. Aug 07,  · The 'Domestic Animals' are the animals that have been tamed and kept by humans as a work animal, food source or pet.

There are different kinds of domestic All Essay. Edgar Allan Poe's "The Black Cat" "The Black Cat," which first appeared in the United States Saturday Post (The Saturday Evening Post) on August 19, , serves as a reminder for all of us.

The capacity for violence and horror lies within each of us, no matter . Introduction: This is the opening paragraph of your contains the hook, which is used to grab the reader's attention, and the thesis, or argument, which you'll explain in the next section.

Such animals are known as domestic animals. These animals are very useful to them. Related Articles: Brief Notes on Animal Husbandry Essay on The Domestic Animal.

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Article shared by. We also maintain some sheep with our cows. They have very short and coarse kinds of furs. If we can know the process, such furs too can be put to use.


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