The flaws of mankind in the mysterious stranger by mark twain

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The flaws of mankind in the mysterious stranger by mark twain

I myself have no existence; I am but a dream--your dream, a creature of your imagination. In a moment you will have realized this, then you will banish me from your visions and I shall dissolve into the nothingness out of which you made me In a little while you will be alone in shoreless space, to wander its limitless solitudes without friend or comrade forever—for you will remain a thought, the only existent thought, and by your nature inextinguishable, indestructible.

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But I, your poor servant, have revealed you to yourself and set you free. Dream other dreams, and better! Strange, indeed, that you should not have suspected that your universe and its contents were only dreams, visions, fiction!

Strange, because they are so frankly and hysterically insane—like all dreams: You perceive, now, that these things are all impossible except in a dream. You perceive that they are pure and puerile insanities, the silly creations of an imagination that is not conscious of its freaks—in a word, that they are a dream, and you the maker of it.

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The dream-marks are all present; you should have recognized them earlier. It is all a dream—a grotesque and foolish dream.

Nothing exists but you. And you are but a thought—a vagrant thought, a useless thought, a homeless thought, wandering forlorn among the empty eternities!THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER by Mark Twain Note: “The Mysterious Stranger” was written in and never finished.

The editors of Twain's “Collected Works” completed the story prior to publication.

The flaws of mankind in the mysterious stranger by mark twain

At what point in this work Twain left off and where the editor's began is not made clear in the print copy used as the basis of this eBook. II.—THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN KEY. The very first thing I can ever remember seeing with my own eyes was a young man walking across a bridge.

He had a curly moustache and an attitude of confidence verging on swagger. The Official Guide to Being a Badass.

The flaws of mankind in the mysterious stranger by mark twain

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Throughout this story Satan criticizes mankind and all of our flaws, claiming that with no moral sense, there are no sins Satan is a physical representation of Mark Twain's beliefs and pessimistic view on life.

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