Three day activity analysis

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Three day activity analysis

For sleep use the BMR computed above. To obtain calorie values for different physical activities you can refer to the appendix in your study guide or consult various web pages.

Multiply the tabled energy expenditure values by the number of minutes spent in each activity. Sum the total energy expenditure for each activity, including the value for sleep, to arrive at your total energy expenditure for the day. Obtain the average daily energy expenditure for the three day period by summing the total calories expended over the three day period and dividing by 3.

Many factors are involved, including body size, age, gender, and most importantly your level of physical activity. The average daily energy expenditure is kcal for men and kcal for women between the ages of 19 and 22 years.

If you are not gaining or losing body weight, then your energy expenditure should equal your energy intake determined in assignment 1.

Assignment Put your name, an ID number of your choiceyour e-mail address and name of this assignment on the first page. On subsequent pages do not put your name, only our ID number.

Prepare three 3 daily activity logs similar to table 1. Use 3 typical days of the week perhaps 2 weekday and 1 weekend day. Use the logs provided, or make your own.

Show all your calculations; including calculations for BSA. Answer the following questions: Compare your caloric expenditure with your caloric intake from assignment 1. Present and interpret any differences that you find make a table or graph illustrating these differences.

Why are there differences? Based on your response to 1 above, do you expect to lose or gain weight over the next 3 months if you maintain the same level of caloric intake and expenditure? How long be specific in terms of number of days, weeks or months will it take you to reach your ideal body weight?

Discuss what you discovered in this lab experience. How might this affect the way you eat and exercise in the future? The report can be longer if the spirit moves you.

Three day activity analysis

Detailed record of physical activity for one day for a university professor.3 Day Exercise Activity Analysis Yakini Wisdom Axia College SCI/ August, 15, Ose Martinez The habits that I have developed through the months in reference to exercising are phenomenal I run 4 days out the week and lift the other times that I do miss my run is, because of the kids or it’s raining.

I substitute the non-run days . Nutrition, Digestion and Metabolism Spring Diet Analysis Project Bio – Unit 4. Nutrition, Digestion and Metabolism Spring In this paper I report my analysis of my food selection over a 3-day period during March April 6. 3 Day activity analysis SCI/ Fawanna Faulkner 10/17/ Instructor-Yolanda Williams This preview has intentionally blurred sections.

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A brief description of why conditions occurred or are forecast is also included for each category. ASSESSMENT OF ENERGY EXPENDITURE. THREE-DAY ACTIVITY RECALL An individuals total energy expenditure (TEE) comprises the number of calories expended during physical activity, the number of calories needed to digest food (DIT) and the number of calories expended during sleep (BMR)..

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