Write amplification sand force 3700

This unique capability greatly simplifies SSD designs and helps to significantly reduce development and manufacturing costs for SSD makers.

Write amplification sand force 3700

The SF family exclusive data reduction technology combines several techniques to extend NAND flash memory life as flash geometries continue to shrink and inherently become less reliable.

This technology extends flash memory life and significantly improves data integrity by implementing a flash-optimized low-density parity-check LDPC code that combines hard-decision, soft-decision and digital signal processing DSP together with unique adaptive error correction code rates. This enables SSD manufacturers to deliver enterprise-class product life and data integrity, even when using less expensive flash memory.

It achieves this without the write parity overhead inherent in RAID solutions. Optional support for TCG Opal and Enterprise specifications ensure broad interoperability and ease of data security management.

write amplification sand force 3700

Additionally, their modular and flexible architecture allows for fast migration to new host interfaces and media types making way for significant firmware reuse between new products. It also allows for continuous innovation throughout the life of the product.

LSI Intros New SandForce Flash Controller for SSDs

This results in accelerated time to market, increased customer-specific customizations, and an extended product life for SSD manufacturers and system OEMs. Volume customer shipments are expected in the first half of The following SF models will be released:Nov 18,  · LSI has unveiled the third generation of its SandForce flash controller line, the SF Designed to support power-sensitive client computing applications in addition to I/O-intensive enterprise and hyperscale environments, the new LSI SandForce SF flash controller family offers increased levels of flash performance, reliability and endurance, meeting the growing needs of SSD manufacturers.

In this write-up, we'll look at the SF SSD controller's (specifically SF/SF) specs, SHIELD feature, and PCI-e modularity - specifically vs. Samsung's existing Pro and XP Nov 19,  · LSI has announced a new, third generation, Sandforce flash memory controller family called the SF Existing Sandforce solutions are the .

Enhanced DuraWrite data reduction technology further helps to maximize SSD endurance by lowering write amplification and the number of program erase (P/E) cycles. Both NANDFlash and Controllers like the SandForce are much cheaper than they used to be, which makes it easier for manufactures to pass those savings on to business and consumers.

write amplification sand force 3700

What all this means is that SSDs will become more and more prevalent in datacenters in the next few years. The key point to remember is that write amplification is the enemy of flash memory performance and endurance, and therefore the users of SSDs.

LSI SandForce SF controller announced